Barefoot PAX Leather


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Barefoot Mid Boot Laces and Zipper in Leather with Chrome Free Lining
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Dark Grey
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Koel PAX was developed on a Santi Mens based sole with wide toe box specially for mens. This product can be ordered only in Medium Fit.

Aiming to provide an incredible walking sensation, these shoes  have an anti slip sole.

This product offers a comfortable feeling with Chrome Free lining plus lace up and zipper closure.


  • Hydro Leather / Suede Leather
  • Lace up + Zipper 
  • Recycle Insole
  • Chrome Free Lining
  • Metal Eyelets Nickel Free
  • Rubber Sole

    Hydro Description

    Hydro Leather is treated during the tanning production, receiving hydrophobic properties to avoid water penetration on rainy days. This product is breathable, smooth, durable and water-repellent.

    Since the material is hydrophobic, it dries faster and therefore ensures better heat regulation.

    Suede Description

    Suede is leather carefully made to have surface thoroughly sanded to get a soft velvety texture and flexible. Smooth, durable, breathable and sustainable.

    Tanning and finishing made by the europe REACH regulations and produced by LWG (Leather Working Group) certificated tannery.


    Suede leather can have slight differences in tone and texture.

    Attention with UV solar radiation and the constant contact during a long period with liquids. If it could happen, the leather can suffer discoloration due to their characteristics. 

    Do not expose from UV solar radiation and the deeper contact with liquids. If it  happens, the leather can loose  its  hydrophobic characteristics and, consequently suffer discoloration.


    • Not washable
    • Use cotton cloth dampened with natural soap and gently sweeps the entire surface
    • Let it dry without being in direct contact with the exposure to the sun.
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